Monday, July 20, 2015

Tinder: An Introduction

I really don't know where this is going, but I just had a light bulb moment and I had to get it written before I realize how bad of an idea this is. Keep in mind that it's 5:30am right now and consider the possibility that I could be completely delusional.

I'll start with this...according to Urban Dictionary:

   A popular dating app for college students used on iPhones and Androids. In which you select an individual based on your attractiveness to said individual and an individual brief statement.

It then continues to state how it's "the most shallow thing in the world".
I mean, I would be lying if I didn't once think that same thing. Well to be honest, I still kind of do when used solely to look for hookups.

Now some background information:

Before, I told myself that I would never try any dating site to pick up guys. I thought that I would never be desperate enough for that. Well, despite what you may think from reading this blog, no, I'm still not desperate. But I've got to admit, so far it's been fun and definitely interesting. 
It all started when a friend and I were talking about the app and how fun it would be just seeing who's out there beyond who we see in our everyday lives. No, it's not the most conventional way of meeting someone new, but it really is interesting to see who you get "matched" up with. So thanks to her, I made a Tinder. After only two days of using it, I've found more than I thought I would. So, as I was just now in the bathroom getting ready for bed, this idea sparked. 
"What if I recorded what and who I found on Tinder?"
Just from these short two days, I've come across so many different people, some more interesting than others. 
As of right now (when I completely have no idea what I'm doing), this blog is just to note who and what I found and my thoughts and experiences. 
My original intent of joining Tinder was to have a little fun and talk to some new people that could spark my interest (and because I was extremely bored with nothing else to do).

What I was looking for:

To be quite honest, I'm extremely picky. I swiped through hundreds and hundreds of guys, easily (I actually ran out of people at one point). And although many of them were really attractive to me, I also wanted to think somewhat realistically. When I say "realistically", I mean I thought about which of these guys would actually give me the time of day.  
So in a nutshell, I was looking for a tall(ish) Asian-American who was fit, but not entirely big and buff, who looked dorky but not nerdy, but also attractive, with a nice smile, among other things.
...Yeah I didn't really know how ridiculous it seemed until I typed all of that out... And the sad part is, those are only the credentials off the top of my head...I told you, I'm picky. But let's be real here, this is the extremely shallow part of Tinder that we're all familiar with. 
In my bio, I wanted to be as normal(ish) and truthful as I could be. And by that, I mean I tried to be witty and sarcastic and ultimately not funny at all. Oh, and I included a bit of background too (I.e. ethnicity, where I'm from, schooling).

What I've found so far:

Out of the hundreds of people I've swiped through, I've probably only swiped right (liked) to about 20 or less people, all of which have the above criteria more or less. Out of those 20 in the past 48 hours, I've matched with 14 of them, and have spoken to 11 of those 14. Nine of those 11 spoke to me first, and the other 2 (who met almost all of the criteria), I messaged first. 
And of course the two that I messaged first hasn't responded yet...sadface. 
However, out of the rest of them who messaged me, I found a few of them quite interesting and enjoyable to talk to. I have a couple favorites already and a couple others who I've moved onto texting with. Now as these conversations continue, I'll find out if these guys actually have ulterior motives behind their words. And of course where there's nice guys, there are also the guys who only want to get in my pants. How typical...

Who knows how long I'll keep this up for. Knowing me, I'll get bored after this week is over. The original plan was to only keep the app for the weekend, but now I want to see who and what other interesting things and people I can find.

Here's to new people, and new (weird) adventures (-:


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